RUSKIN AVE. Cigar Co. events will be handcrafted. A full bodied premium function of exceptional standards balanced with rich meaning by attracting ultra true gentlemen blended with sharp qualities while enjoying a passionate tradition amongst peers. The curing will require time and experience from the moment the seed is planted. RACC will devote effort to creating one of the finest cigar clubs in the city.

Why we matter?

Only the most discriminating and elite cigar aficionados will attend RACC events. We understand that the smoking ban is coming to a city or town near you, so RACC will be the answer. We aim to build the perfect refuge for cigar aficionados who crave the satisfaction and pleasure of a fine cigar in a hassle-free environment. RACC will host private affairs to attract people to smoke fine cigars amongst peers.

Our events will feature an advised short menu of premium aged spirits: single malt scotches, bourbons and cognacs, a hearty provision of meat, good entertainment, prizes and industry's didactic information. Moreover, RACC's resourceful team will make this an educational experience by inviting experts to teach cigar & pipe smokers' proper techniques in cutting, lighting, reconditioning, humidification, smoking, re-lighting, cigar parting, and the importance of the band. Edification conferences with focus on different shapes and sizes, how the length and girth effects the character, what determines the flavor and colors, different types of fillers, binders, and wrappers, and the most important question asked "What is a premium cigar?"

RACC events will be more than just a room full of men puffing on cigars, but a knowledgeable and creditable asylum for cigar enthusiasts with helpful cigar advices.

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"I enjoyed smoking the Connecticut Double Corona with a glass of red wine after dinner. The cigar was the right size and was not overwhelming with smoke. The taste of the wine went swell in between each puff of the cigar. Even my man friend took a couple drags, and he does not even smoke cigars. I found the perfect cigar for me being a woman."      

Camryn Williams