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The draw will be rich and even. The burn is intense and flavorful. Building a brand, RUSKIN AVE. Cigar Co. will be innovative and will introduce a new form of entertainment to the secret society of tobacco smokers, at the same time respecting cigar's traditions of choice atmosphere and high class. Our mission is to electrify cigar smoking and make it the centerpiece of an emperor pastime.

RUSKIN AVE. Cigar Co. is an added bonus to TROY BLVD., and will contribute to the resurgence of one of St. Louis' pleasures- "cigar smoking". This aged tradition has resurged as one of life's greatest luxuries; cigar smoking has taken on a new persona. We associate cigars with old men smoking 50 cent cigars in a dark smoky tavern. Today's picture paints a much different scene as celebrities, public figures, athletes, business men and women puff away in social circles all over the world. These icons add sex appeal and confidence with every draft blown of a vintage cigar. In the end, most see it as a small outlay so linear, yet intricate in its complexity.

Here at RUSKIN AVE. Cigar Co. we will honor moments, value traditions, pay attention to our clientele, and deliver excellent service.


In the distance I can hear dogs barking, mothers screaming for their children as the street lights anticipate night, and moments later the engine of the 41- Lee bus revving at the corner. As I sit on my back porch, I can see dilapidated homes, cars sitting on bricks and telephone wires hanging from pole to pole. I smell barbeque two yards over and I can taste the soul of the city streets. This is my world.

As a young man walking the concrete blocks of the North side of St. Louis, I have came in contact with characters who told stories extolling their philosophies of life and their survival in this war zone. Criminal minded say who? The pimps that do their thing to get that dollar bill, the pushers that maintain the essential element of life, and the playas that made the world go around by solving their client's situations.

The sun does shine. The next young generation of kids under me play in the streets and the local homeboys washed their cars every Saturday morning. The corner store on Union and Lillian is the routine hang out of crap shooters, losers, night old winos, and junkies begging for their next fix. Old men cut grass, grand mammas prune their bushes and the mailman would speak of the latest sports issue. On this side of town sirens from the ambulance reminded us of the civil wars of our community.

But out of all the truths that plagued our neighborhood there was an individual of hope. This person was a Cool Dude, the Father of Coolness- Frank is his name. He was the Godfather of words and wisdom, that brother, momentary best friend and that distant cousin from Mississippi that you saw not often. Frank had advice and an answer for all concerns and questions asked. He was the conduit between the good life and bad of North St Louis. He wasn't a hero, nor a vigilante but a beacon of hope for young men like me.

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"I enjoyed smoking the Connecticut Double Corona with a glass of red wine after dinner. The cigar was the right size and was not overwhelming with smoke. The taste of the wine went swell in between each puff of the cigar. Even my man friend took a couple drags, and he does not even smoke cigars. I found the perfect cigar for me being a woman."      

Camryn Williams